Mission Control

Director: David Fairhead

David has been working in film and TV since 1984. In 2006, he edited In the Shadow of the Moon, which won the Audience Award at Sundance.

Other work includes The Flaw (premiered at Sundance), McCullin (premiered at Toronto Hot Docs) and Attacking the Devil, which won the jury prize at the 2014 Sheffield Film Festival.

He edited The Last Man on the Moon, a biography of Eugene Cernan, which had its US premiere at SxSW in 2015.

Producer: Keith Haviland

Keith is a member of the production team for The Last Man on the Moon, and Executive Producer of Dying Laughing - an investigation into the art, process and psychology of stand-up comedy, which premiered at the LA Film Festival in June, 2016 and arrived in US theatres and US on-demand in February 2017. Keith is founder of Haviland Digital - a company dedicated to intelligent film, TV and digital media. He is a former partner and Senior Managing Director of Accenture.

Producer: Gareth Dodds

Gareth has produced a range of independent documentary productions for worldwide TV broadcast and theatrical release, including Roman Polanski’s Weekend of a Champion that premiered at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. He is the main producer for The Last Man on the Moon.

Associate Producer and Consultant: Rick Houston

Rick Houston is a veteran journalist with more than twenty years of full-time experience. He is a specialist in human spaceflight.
Rick is co-author of the book Go, Flight, The Unsung Heroes of Mission Control with Milt Heflin. Rick has written extensively about the space program, including Wheels Stop (on the Space Shuttle), Man on a Mission (a biography of astronaut David Hilmers) and parts of Footprints in the Dust (on Apollo). He also writes extensively on NASCAR and other sporting subjects.