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On Demand DVD New Releases April 10-16


On Demand DVD New Releases April 10-16

Lion (pictured, above) After a 5-year-old boy from India is adopted by an Australian couple, life changes in every way. In his 20s, that boy, Saroo, decides to search for the family he was separated from as a child. His adoptive mother encourages the journey, as it will open his eyes to his past. Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara (PG-13, 1:58) 4/11

Hidden Figures As NASA races to space against the Russians, a team of African-American women is at the core of the most important mathematical data. Such a global accomplishment needs all hands on deck to be successful. An amazing story of courage in a white-male-dominated world, this film will inspire everyone. Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe (PG, 2:07) 4/11

Monster Trucks As a high-school senior, Tripp is ready to get away from life in his small town and begins his exit plan by working to create a monster truck from scrapped vehicles. Along the way, he finds a creature that may just be the friend he needs to help him succeed. Lucas Till, Jane Levy, Thomas Lennon (PG, 1:45) 4/11

The Bye Bye Man If you say his name, or even think it, he will come for you. When three college friends move into a house together, they start to see and think things that aren’t there — thoughts put into their head by the mysterious figure known only as the Bye Bye Man. Douglas Smith, Carrie-Anne Moss, Lucien Laviscount (PG-13, 1:36) 4/11

Toni Erdmann In this award-winning movie, a practical joker father tries to reconnect with his career-driven daughter. Peter Simonischek, Sandra Huller (R, 2:42) 4/14 German, subtitled in English

The Outcasts After falling victim to a humiliating prank by the high school Queen Bee, best friends and world-class geeks Mindy and Jodi decide to get their revenge by uniting the outcasts of the school against her and her circle of friends. Victoria Justice, Eden Sher, Peyton List (PG-13, 1;35) 4/14 Same day as theatrical release

Queen of the Desert Nicole Kidman plays explorer, diplomat and ‘female Lawrence of Arabia’ Gertrude Bell in the Werner Herzog-directed true story of a woman who defied all convention. Also stars James Franco (PG-13, 2:09) 4/14 Same day as theatrical release

Altitude A female FBI agent is offered millions to help a thief escape from a hijacked airplane. Dolph Lundgren, Denise Richards (R, 1:28) 4/14 Same day as theatrical release

Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo This documentary film tells the stories of the group of men who were the heart of the Apollo space program through interviews with those who worked in Mission Control and with astronauts, enhanced by extraordinary archival footage, stunning VFX and an original orchestral score. The film covers the first journeys to the moon by Apollo 8 and Apollo 11, and the huge effort required to save the crew of Apollo 13. (1:41) 4/14 Same day as theatrical release

The Levelling Trainee veterinarian Clover Catto returns to the farm where she grew up after hearing news that her brother Harry (has died – in what appears to be a suicide. Clover is forced to confront her father Aubrey – about the condition of the farm, the livestock and, crucially, the details surrounding Harry’s death. Ellie Kendrick, Jack Holden (R, 1:23) 4/15 Pre-DVD release

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